The type of industrial pump being used depends on the industry and what fluids or materials need to be moved.

Understanding which pump type is suitable for use is vital to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Below are some examples of the primary uses for industrial pumps for specific industries.

Oil And Gas
For the oil and gas industries, lubrication type gear and screw pumps are needed typically for ancillary lubrication of main equipment. They are also required for cooling, air conditioning plants, fuel transfer and additive injection. Centrifugal pumps are commonly used in the sector for pumping crude oil and slurry, aiding refineries and power plants. For emergency spillages and bund emptying, you would use an air-operated double diaphragm pump, but for effluent duties, it would be best to rely on a self-priming pump.

Renewable Energy
Industrial pumps also play a part in the renewable energy sector. The applications here are varied and include screw pumps and gear pumps for bio-fuel transfer. Pumps also aid the production of oils, including palm, corn, soy and rapeseed. Magnetic drive gear pumps are used for ethanol and methanol duties, and progressive cavity pumps are used for contaminated fluid transfer.

Marine Industry
Within the marine industry, pumps can be used in many ways. Screw pumps and gear pumps are used for bulk fuel transfer and oil lubrication. Duplex screw pumps work well for low sulphur fuels and duplex stainless steel centrifugal pumps for seawater transfer. A magnetic drive gear pump is ideal for additive injection. Self-priming pumps can be used in the marine industry for waste transfer, and the filtration of fuels can also be completed with a screw pump.

Chemical Industry
In the chemical industry, you would use a screw pump for adhesive metering and the offloading of solvents. Drum and barrel pumps are ideal for chemicals and cleaning solutions because they can be used as a transportable or stationary drum. Container pumps are suitable for economical and safe filling and moving of thin fluids.

Inks And Paints
For those working within the inks and paints industry, gear pumps are helpful for bulk tanker offloading of viscous resins, mag drive pumps for the handling of solvents, and end-suction pumps for bulk intermediate chemical transfer.

Food And Beverage
The food and beverage industry uses industrial pumps within the brewery industry, where stainless steel centrifugal pumps are utilised, and stainless steel flexible vane pumps are used for finished beer transfer. For daily production, rotary positive displacement pumps are used for yoghurts, butter injection and preservatives and at chocolate manufacture plants, Victor self-priming pumps have effluent duties. You can use a centrifugal pump in food production and on farmland for irrigation.

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