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Settima designs and manufactures hydraulic screw pumps and helical rotor pumps. Settima focus on reducing the noise emissions, both through design choices and constructive accuracy. This means not only low noise, but also longer lifetime and increased reliability. Settima pumps are reliable, because they work without producing vibration, ensuring very long lifetime. Today Settima is one of the most important manufactures of pumps for oil, gas and marine sectors.

Settima Pumps | Manufacturers

Settima – SMT8B

SMT8B series are triple screw pumps ideal for heavy duty cooling and chilling applications. The extremely compact design enables this pump to be used in applications where there is limited space. SMT8B pumps are used for gearbox lubrication, hydropower, jacking oil systems in the wind energy, industrial and mobile sectors.

Settima – SMT16B & SMT

SMT16B & SMT pumps are triple screw pumps for industrial use at low and medium pressure (SMT16B – 40 bar) (SMT – 80 bar). SMT16B & SMT pumps are a reliable and omit low noise used for many industrial applications where long life and low cost are required. The three screws rotate inside the body pump and the design of the screws avoids any axial load. The functional pressure develops some tolerance between the balancing piston of the main screw and the surrounding body. This creates a balancing hydrodynamic force of the screws and, at the same time, lubricates and cools down the sealing parts. The pumped fluid transmits the torque needed to move the lateral screws hydraulically. This means that the screws rotate with no possibility of wearing. The high quality of screw manufacturing ensures a very low level of acoustic emissions and pulsation. The geometric design of the three screws creates sealing chambers. During the rotation of the screws, the main one creates a sort of cavity that holds the fluid and drives it with an axial direction from the inlet to the outlet port. SMT16B & SMT pumps may have internal or external relief security valves.

Settima Pumps | Manufacturers
Settima Pumps | Manufacturers

Settima – CONTINUUM®

One of the most important requests from the industrial world is to create a better work environment, which is synonymous of better efficiency, lower cost of production and better quality of life for workers. The reduction of operation noise goes with no doubt toward that direction. Hydraulic pumps, above all those for high pressure, entail noise and/or vibration level that are unacceptable for certain new applications. This is the main reason why Settima has designed a new gear pump capable to eliminate acoustic emissions. Parameters influencing emissions of hydraulic noise are: cavitation, pressure peaks rising from trapping fluid between gear teeth,  ripple or flow pulsation. Continuum® (the low noise gear pump) is capable to eliminate these noise causes.

Settima Pumps | Manufacturers
Settima Pumps | Manufacturers


Internationally patented (patents approved and pending): the rotors profile, the screw step, the inner force balancing. The rotor profile does not trap any fluid volume (no encapsulation chambers).The helical route of the Continuum® rotor profile makes a gentle transmission of movement and a minimisation of any pulsation. Internal hydrostatic mechanisms are put in place in order to avoid trade-off with efficiency. Continuum® pumps achieve high volumetric efficiencies.

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