Jessberger Pumps

Jessberger have been manufacturing drum pumps since 2003 and also produce, container pumps, eccentric screw pumps and hand pumps. The highest quality components and decades of experience guarantee high quality pumps at a competitive price. Jessberger deliver to more than 70 countries worldwide. Here at Applied Pumps we are proud to be a stocking destructor of Jessberger pumps.

Jessberger Pumps | Manufacturers
Jessberger Pumps | Manufacturers

Jessberger Drum pumps, barrel pumps and container pumps

The drum pumps, barrel pumps and container pumps by Jessberger are light, handy and powerful devices for an economic and safe filling and transferring of thin fluid up to middle viscous, neutral or aggressive media out of drums and containers. They can be used as transportable or stationary drum and container pumps and are designed for a intermittent, non-continuous use. A well engineered and technologically clear design our drum pumps guarantees you an efficient and operationally reliable usage

Jessberger Universal Motors

The Jessberger universal motors are interchangeable with different pump tubes making a cost effective solution for transferring a range of different fluids from drums, barrels, IBSs and containers.Jessberger offer motors with protection class IP 54 as well as an electric ATEX motor in 550 Watt

Jessberger offer motors with protection class IP 54 as well as an electric ATEX motor in 550 Watt and ATEX certified pneumatic driven motors.

Speed control

Jessberger speed control is available as an option for almost every Jessberger electronic motor. Speed control allows the speed of the drum pump motor to be controlled electronically via a knob on the handle. This enables adjustment of the flow rate.

Jessberger Pumps | Manufacturers
Jessberger Pumps | Manufacturers
Jessberger Pumps | Manufacturers
Jessberger Pumps | Manufacturers

Jessberger pump tubes

Different pump tubes for different fluids are interchangeable and can be used with same electric or pneumatic driven motor making for a cost effective solution for transferring a range of different media from Drums, barrels, IBSs and containers. Jessberger pump tubes are available in a range of sizes from 700mm to 3000mm

Polypropylene Pumps Tubes

Jessberger Polypropylene pump tubes are designed for pumping aggressive media such as acids, alkalis and detergents with a maximum temperature of 50 Degree C.

Polypropylene Pumps Tubes | Manufacturers

PVDF Pumps Tubes

Jessberger PVDF pump tubes are designed for pumping highly aggressive media such as bleach, chronic acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid solutions up to 90% at a maximum temperature of 90 degree C

PVDF Pumps Tubes | Manufacturers

Aluminum Pumps Tubes

Jessberger aluminum pump tubes are designed for pumping mineral oil products such as diesel, heating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, mineral oil and motor oils up to 1000 mPas.

Aluminum Pumps Tubes | Manufacturers

Stainless Steal Pumps Tubes

Jessberger stainless steal pumps tubes are designed for pumping neutral, slightly aggressive media and specifically for lightly flammable media and food.

Stainless Steal Pumps Tubes | Manufacturers

Jessberger Essentric screw pumps

In addition to drum pumps for low and medium viscosity fluid up to 1000 mPas, Jessberger offer a complete range of high density solids pumps for transferring highly viscous fluid. The flow rate is determined by the geometry and the clearance between the rotating rotor (screw conveyor) and the stationary stator (in the opposite direction).

Jessberger Essentric screw pumps | Manufacturers
Jessberger Hand Pumps | Manufacturers

Jessberger Hand Pumps

Manual hand pumps are always a useful and cost effective alternative to conventional electric or air operated drum pumps when only small quantitates of fluid have to be removed from containers or drums. Depending on the fluid different pump tube materials and gaskets are available. The Jessberger hands pumps can be divided into three groups:

  • Chemicals such as acids and alkalis
  • Detergents and mineral oil products
  • Flammable liquids such as Petrol and solvents

Most Jessberger hand pumps have a barrel thread of 2” and therefore be screwed onto all 60 and 200 liter steel drums. For plastic drums and containers various thread adaptors are available.

You can purchase Jessberger hand pumps and accessories from our web shop. If you have any queries please call us and we can help you select the right pump for your application.

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