Fuels & Oils

Applied Pumps have been supplying pumps, flow meters, filters, tanks, hoses and accessories for this requirement for many years.

From our partnerships with manufacturers worldwide we both supply individual equipment but also package pumps, tanks, valves and control panels together to suit each client’s requirements.

Some typical applications follow but please discuss your application with Applied Pumps today!

Agriculture, Commercial Vehicles & Quarries

  • 12V & 24V DC pumps for mobile fuelling of combined harvesters and other heavy plant
  • Bunded tanks and dispensing sets with options for fuel monitoring and security
  • Filters to remove particles and/or moisture
  • Pumps and equipment for Adblue
  • Bunkering & Bulk Transfer
  • End-suction centrifugal pumps for fuels ATEX available if required
  • Bulk flow meters for fuels, oils and chemicals
  • Filtration rigs
  • Self-priming pumps for stripping tanks
  • Screw and gear pumps for heavy fuel oils (HFO)
  • Package sets built to your specification


  • Pumps for both emptying and filling engine tanks
  • Contaminated sludge and flood water removal
  • Lubrication and glycol pumps
  • Pumps for gearbox lubrication
  • Emergency Standby Generators
  • Duplex pump & filter sets with control panels
  • Transfer pumps, level controls, tanks, filters and ancillary equipment

Other Commercial Applications

  • Dispensing sets for bus stations
  • Pumps, meters and filters for light aircraft fuel (Avcat) ATEX zone 1
  • Pump sets for firefighting simulation tests at airports

Gearbox & Engineered Equipment

  • Applied Pumps are the gear pump specialists for your gearbox lubrication duties.
  • Auto reversing gear pumps for train gearbox lubrication
  • These pumps maintain a common port orientation irrespective of the shaft rotation being either clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Forced oil lubrication of heavy duty steel mill gearboxes
  • Screw compressor lubrication
  • Bearing lubrication for gas turbines, cranes and other critical rotating equipment
  • Bearing lubrication for reciprocating high pressure pumps
  • We can also supply special auto reversing gear pumps for train gearbox lubrication which retain port orientation irrespective of shaft rotation being clockwise or counterclockwise!
  • Contact us for more information on this unique feature and any other OEM application
Fuels & Oils | Industries
Fuels & Oils | Industries

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