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Applied Pumps first partnered with Haight Pumps in 2002 over the years we have formed a great relationship helping design new product and even designing and manufacturing our own adapters allowing us to couple US manufactured Haight pumps to European standard IEC motors.
This setup has now become the standard configuration for motorised Haight pumps in the UK.
If you have ever seen a Haight pump in the UK then chances are this pump was supplied by us with our own adapter.

We supply Haight pumps mounted to a range of different motors all specified for individual application requirements. For each application our technical team sizes the correct pump and motor combination. For applications that require precise control of the flow-rate we can offer these units with variable speed drive to fine tune flow rate and allows for adjustment whilst the pump is running.

We have a healthy stock of single phase and three phase motors allowing us to assemble and ship these units the same day we receive the order. For our OEM customers we hold high levels of stock in their chosen configuration ready to ship.

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Haight Patented Technology

For more than seventy years, Haight Pumps has been providing industry with strong and dependable internal gear pumps. Haight pumps are built on the proven reliability of the gear-within-a-gear concept, which Haight Pumps pioneered. This simple idea results in a stronger pump with fewer parts.

These features result in reduced wear, less maintenance, compact size and lower noise:

1. Bolt-on reversible relief valve with return to tank feature

2. High quality ductile iron bodies with iron bearings

3. Patented Haight gear and rotor for more efficient positive displacement pumping

4. Three-tooth contact ensures a pulse free flow

5. Extra deep gear mesh greatly reduces noise and avoids trapping

Haight Pumps U Series

The Haight Pumps U series design combines the innovation of UniverSeal with the flexibility of a bolt-on, integral Relief Valve assembly. This combination of pump features offers pump users unsurpassed flexibility to adapt their pumps to changing system requirements.

Haight’s “UniverSeal” has allowed us to easily assemble pumps with Lip seal, Mechanical seal or Packed Gland shaft seal type for whatever the customer application requires. This also allows our customer to convert between these seal types without even disconnecting the piping.

The bolt-on relief valve assembly is a most have for the majority of our customers, this offers built in protection for both the pump and the system without having to pipe in an external relief valve.

The valve can either return to suction or return to tank and is available with three different tension springs allowing for a set between 3 – 15 Bar.

Haight Pumps E Series

The Haight Pumps E series is an economical version of Haight Pumps U series. These pumps are particularly well suited for use in direct drive configurations where size, weight, and cost are crucial to the application. 

Applied Pumps have been supplying the Haight Pumps E Series for hot oil applications for many years, and in recent year have adapted the configuration to utilising DC powered motors for hybrid automation applications. These DC driven E series pump can now be found on a number of commercial hybrid vehicles in the UK and Europe.

When you are ready to discuss your application our technical team will help you find the best solution.

E: [email protected] T: 01246 260 102

Haight Pumps | Industries
Haight Pumps | Industries
Haight Pumps | Industries
Haight Pumps | Industries

Users of Haight Pumps benefit from:

  • Metallurgical expertise available from Haight’s own high tech foundry
  • Premier research and development capability
  • A customised response to both your operational needs and cost requirements

Standard pump configurations are stocked at Applied Pumps Ltd and are available the next working day.

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