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Bronze Gear Pumps

Oberdorfer have vast experience of gear pump manufacture. The helical gearing in which they specialise has an international reputation for its extremely advanced technical capability.

Gear pump material is a key part of the range with models available in bronze, iron, plastic, stainless steel and hastelloy. This permits a large range of chemical handling uses, making Oberdorfer the complete process industry gear pump.

A wide range of sealing, material combinations and drives are available, adding further to Oberdorfer’s process versatility. At Applied Pumps we are able to assist both the sophisticated engineer and those new to this type of technology.

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Bronze Gear Pumps | Oberdorfer Pumps

Chemsteel pumps

Chemsteel Pumps are designed to handle common and highly corrosive liquids. Its rugged, three-section, O-ring sealed through-bolt construction provides ease of servicing and parts replacement.

Helical gearing offers noise reduction by as much as 10db, while the tandem pumps double the output flow for a single fluid, or with isolation, handle other fluids in direct ratio to the first.

Additionally, CHEMSTEELTM pumps offer bi-directional operation for applications requiring reversing flow. These pumps provide peace of mind when pumping volatile fluids!

Bronze self-priming centrifugal pump

The close coupled style bronze self-priming centrifugal pump is equipped with high quality ball bearings permanently filled with grease for maintenance free operation. The main shaft seal is a mechanical face type seal of proven reliability. Unlike positive displacement pumps centrifugal pumps have larger internal clearances as the pressure is generated by centrifugal force and high liquid velocity.

These pumps can handle impurities in the liquid and the flow in the discharge line may be throttled or shut off without the need for a relief valve. They are often used for marine applications.

Flexible Impeller pumps

Oberdorfer pumps are built from bronze, corrosion-resistant materials with a chrome nickel stainless steel driveshaft; this family of pumps is a dependable option for your application.

Large suction and discharge ports enable greater volumes of fluid handling and suction lifts of 15 feet are possible when fully primed.

A standard neoprene impeller is suitable for most fluid applications. For fuels and oils a Buna Nitrile impeller is recommended.

Oberdorfer Pumps | Manufactures
Oberdorfer Pumps | Manufactures
Oberdorfer Pumps | Manufactures
Oberdorfer Pumps | Manufactures

Oberdorfer also manufacture an extensive range of other pumps including:

  • Progressive cavity pumps in bronze & aluminium
  • Rubber impeller pumps in bronze
  • Rubber roller pumps in bronze
  • End-suction centrifugal pumps in 
bronze & aluminium
  • Self-priming centrifugal pumps 
in bronze
  • Small end-suction centrifugal pumps in plastic

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