Applied Pumps is an official stocking distributor of Airpel Filtration equipment and also offer coalescing and other related products. If you need further information on the filtration of fluids please email or call us.

Airpel Single Filter

Airpel Single Filters have for many years provided a cost effective method of protecting pipeline equipment, cleaning liquids or salvaging valuable solids. The filter is of cast construction and incorporates a high quality stainless steel cylindrical basket.

The filter is for use in liquid handling installations where the flow can be shut off for short periods to allow the basket to be cleaned.

Airpel Single Filter | Filtration
Dual Filter | Filtration

Airpel Dual Filter

Airpel Dual Filters have been used on important fluid handling applications throughout the world for many years.

For applications where the requirement is for continuous flow with minimum loss
of pressure, the Airpel range provides quality of design and performance. The filter is of cast construction and incorporates two chambers each containing a high quality stainless steel basket. Flow is diverted from one basket to the other without being interrupted by simply turning the handle which rotates dual cylindrical cocks.

Self-Cleaning Filter

Airpel self-cleaning filters have been designed specifically to provide efficient filtration of virtually all liquids, including those of high viscosity, whilst minimizing both disruption of flow and liquid loss during the element cleaning process. There is no operator contact with the process fluid.

The high quality stainless steel wedge wire (or perforated) element is highly effective in removing contaminant particles as small as 25 microns.Cleaning is carried out by rotating the element against fixed scraper blades which remove debris from the surface of the element. This in turn is drained from the base of the filter.

The filter is available for either manual or fully automatic (electric or pneumatic) operation. The range of optional control devices make it particularly suitable for continuous processes and for processes with high contamination levels.

Self-Cleaning Filter | Filtration

Y-Type Strainers

Applied Pumps Y-type strainers are the economic way of protecting pipeline equipment from harmful debris. These strainers have been designed using the latest computer technology to give optimum dynamic performance combined with enhanced reliability and ease of maintenance. The element can be cleaned without stopping the flow or dismantling the strainer by means of an optional manual purge valve fitted onto the cover. This valve will allow debris to be quickly and efficiently removed from the element to maintain optimum performance.

Airpel Fabricated Filters

Applied Pumps have the expertise to offer a wide variety of fabricated filtration products. These include the following products but designs to customers’ requirement are of course available:

  • Larger basket filters up to virtually any pipe size and encompassing any code requirement
  • A comprehensive range of T-type strainers
  • High pressure strainers
  • Manifolds and skids for complete filter systems
  • A range of bag filters for finer degrees of filtration

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