When it comes to helical rotor pumps and hydraulic screw pumps, Settima are one of the best manufacturers in the business.

Settima Pumps are renowned for their innovative technologies and excellent quality products. Here at Applied Pumps, we are proud to be working with such a trusted and reliable manufacturer. It is the rich history of Settima Pumps that have led them to where they are today. Over the years, their team of experts have designed quiet, durable and reliable screw pumps. All of their innovations are backed by thorough research and specialised knowledge in the oil, gas and marine sectors.

Who Are Settima Pumps?

Settima Pumps have been designing and manufacturing pumps for over 40 years. Today they are one of the most important manufacturers in the screw pump industry. Their primary focus for their products is low noise, and they’ve created technology for silent hydraulic three screw pumps. Based in Italy, all Settima Pumps are manufactured within the country and shipped all over the world. One of their most impressive contributions to the hydraulics industry has been the Continuum® technology, which Settima have used to create their low noise gear pump.

The History Of Settima Pumps

Established over 40 years ago in 1978, Settima Pumps is the result of hard work and commitment by Eng. Cagnani. His aim was to design and manufacture high-technology, silent screw pumps that were reasonably priced. After 20 years in business, his sons joined Settima Pumps and continued to improve the manufacturing processes and design innovative products. Over the years, Settima Pumps have achieved many records in the industry, including the first helical rotor pump on the global market. They have had many international patents, and the most significant achievement so far has been the first silent pump in the world, the Continuum®.

These incredible innovations have been made possible thanks to Settima Pumps commitment to research and development. With over 100 employees working in the company, they are always striving to develop new, unique products. Today, Settima Pumps are still focusing on their Continuum® technology and silent pumps and are working with qualified suppliers all across the globe. Settima Pumps products have been installed over one million times worldwide, making them one of the leading manufacturers of screw pumps in Europe.

As Settima Pumps stockists, we offer our customers a range of innovative pump options. For more information on the Settima Pumps available, contact our expert team today.

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