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One organisation that did ask for our help is Midland Oil Company Ltd in Leicester.

They’re an oil distributor supporting a wide range of local customers such as industrial equipment manufacturers, transport companies and general production units.

Back in 2003 they approached us because they needed a reliable pump to move a variety of industrial oils from large storage units into smaller transportable containers/IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Carriers).

The oils would then be transported by truck and pumped out, into each of their customer’s storage tanks, at any of numerous site destinations.

How Applied Pumps helped
Midland Oil Company Ltd knew the job they had to do but they were not sure which pump would best meet their needs.

We advised on the best option in terms of pumping viscous fluids, mobile set up and operational speed.

They were also seeking a best price solution.

Specification and expertise
We took time to source the most economical solution for them, but with no compromise on quality.

Oil viscosity can vary immensely, so we knew that they needed a positive displacement pump capable of delivering sufficient pressure to feed elevated storage tanks.

They also needed an easily transportable unit capable of high flow rates and without the need of an external electrical supply.

We specified and recommended a Victor Internal Gear Pump.

We are the UK distributor for these simple but rugged gear pumps and with minimal moving parts; they’re always dependable and low maintenance.

We also designed and built a unit with anti-vibration mounts, lockable heavy duty castors (to avoid movement and vibration), transmission to reduce engine speed, integral guarding and an internal pressure release valve for safe operation.

The pump was also specified to deliver 75 litres per minute at up to 3 bar of discharge pressure.

The unit was also supplied with ‘Camlock’ type quick-connect couplings for easy use on site.

It ran for 14 years!
This one pump serviced all the needs of Midland Oil Company Ltd over 14 years and became absolutely vital to the business.

In all these years, despite a low-cost change of engine and several pairs of castors the pump itself has worked every day without fail

Fast forward to November 2017 and after many years of hard work, Midland Oils decided it was time to look for a replacement unit.

The pump set still did its job alright but it was thought, that after all this time it must be coming to the end of its useful life.

A new identical, replacement pump set was again built swiftly and we even personally delivered it to Leicester and ran tests on site to ensure everything was working perfectly before leaving.

We also refurbished their original pump.

Despite all the thousands of hours of use, we found that the Victor Gear Pump, although naturally a little worn, was still in great shape and certainly still fit for purpose.

After some simple adjustment the unit is now returned to the customer to ensure they have emergency back-up.

What they said
Company owner, Mitch Thompson said:

“Because the first pump had served us so well, we simply wanted a ‘like for like’ replacement.

“Applied Pumps had retained the original paperwork so they were able to supply an equivalent.

“The new version actually has an improved Honda engine.

“I am very pleased once again, with the service from Applied Pumps and now, we would not go anywhere else.”

That was great feedback to get from a very happy client and is a nice example of how, here at Applied Pumps, we can keep people efficiently pumping for a prolonged period of time, for a small investment.

Here to help
We’re always at the end of the phone to answer any pumping queries you may have and we are also happy to undertake free site visits.

You can call me Steve Ball, at any time on 01246 260157 or email [email protected]

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