Haight have been manufacturing pumps for over 70 years, and are renowned for their simple, dependable products. From internal gear pumps to centrifugal pumps, Haight Pumps come in all shapes and sizes. Many people don’t consider the types of pumps that are used to create everyday products and are commonly found in our daily lives. Haight Pumps can be found in many industries and actually help with many day to day challenges. The chances are you come across Haight Pumps on a regular basis, without even knowing it. We’re looking into the daily challenges that Haight Pumps are on hand to help with.

Haight Pumps In Refrigeration

Iron and magnetic gear pumps from Haight are commonly used in refrigeration systems. High pressure compressor lubrication and liquified refrigerant circulation are typical applications for gear pumps in refrigeration. Haight Pumps actually offer specific adaptions to their pumps to make them suitable for use in refrigeration. These include custom mounting, high inlet pressures, contaminated lubricants and custom seal configurations.

Haight Pumps In Fuel

We use fuel to power machines of all types, including vehicles, tools and more. Haight Pumps are used in aircraft refuelling systems, portable refuelling systems and remote mounted fuelling systems. Their standard iron gear pumps are a popular choice for these applications. Haight Pumps offer hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, custom mounting and special sealing designs to make their pumps suitable for fuelling applications.

Haight Pumps In Injection Systems

From resins and adhesives to agricultural chemicals and animal feed supplements, injection systems are used a lot in our everyday lives. Haight Pumps supply gear pumps of various types for injection systems. It is because of their high temperature conditions, custom mounting designs and corrosion resistance that they are so suited to these applications.

Haight Pumps In Power Transmissions

Haight Pumps supply gear pumps for use in gear box bearings, gear lubrication, transmission lubrication and more. Custom mounting and drive designs on their iron gear pumps are ideal for use in power transmissions.

Haight Pumps In Hot Oil

Fast food restaurants, bakeries, and food producers often use Haight Pumps for their hot oil. Their selection of internal and external gear pumps means there is a model to suit every commercial kitchen’s needs. Next time you are enjoying a delicious doughnut or grabbing a burger on the go, bear in mind that Haight Pumps helped make that happen.

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