This blog is here to help anyone responsible for liquid mixing and transfer in chemical manufacture – especially within the production of paints, emulsions and varnishes.

To support these processes we especially recommend the Jessberger Mixing Pump Tube.

Here’s why.

The Jessberger Mixing Pump Tube gives a double benefit – it acts as both a mixer and a transferor.

They enable you to pump a finished product out of a barrel or IBC into a number of smaller containers ready for distribution – but they also enable you to mix/ agitate the contents within the larger container prior to the transfer.

This means you do not need to mix manually.

In addition, as the system is motor-driven, the flow capacity is fully adjustable.

The Jessberger Mixing Pump Tube (which actually sits inside the container) is ideal therefore for a range of production processes where low volatile/ medium viscosity liquids are created and moved.

ATEX safety certified (ATEX 100/ ATEX Workplace Directive) options for mixing and transferring volatile/ flammable fluids are also available.

Case study
One example of where Applied Pumps has help to improved production is with a UK manufacturer of niche paints, varnishes and coatings.

Here we were asked to improve a process as outlined above, to ensure a stored and finished product could easily be emulsified and transferred into shipping containers, ready for sale.

This client, who actually bought five of these Jessberger mixing and pumping applications, was extremely happy with this portable, time saving and cost-effective solution.

Prior to this installation they were using a static agitator to manually mix the liquids.

Here to help
If you would like to know more about Jessberger Mixing Pump Tubes (delivery is usually within seven days) or if you have any other chemicals fluid pumping questions, then I am always happy to take your call.

My name is Steve Ball and my number is 01246 260157.

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