Support for production or manufacturing facilities that pump chemicals and aggressive fluids is a core part of our business here at Applied Pumps.

This blog outlines how we help them and keep them pumping.

1: We’re at the end of the ‘phone
We maintain a close contact relationship with the engineering manager and maintenance team at each location.

This means that when they have a technical pumping question, worry or enquiry, they’ll come to us for impartial advice.

When they do, we’ll have a good-fit solution.

We are therefore, always end of the ‘phone during business hours for support.

2: We respond quickly to ensure continuity
To ensure you have continuity of operation we always respond.

This means helping each production unit keep the right spares on the shelf or responding swiftly when you have a breakdown or need spare parts.

We maintain a high level of spares and pump replacement stock and because we’re located right in the centre of the UK, we can arrange delivery to pretty much all locations within 24 hours.

We also provide a ‘swap-out’ service where we can deliver a replacement and then refurbish or repair your existing pump.

3: We’re an independent supplier and great on price
We are fully independent and we’re not tied to any brand name or manufacturer.

We will therefore, not only supply the right pump for the right application, the price will be competitive too.

4: We can support you too!
If you work in chemical production and pumping liquids is part of the process, we can help.

I’d be very pleased to have chat, so do give me a call.

I’m Steve Ball and my number is 01246 260157.

If you’d rather get in contact by email, then it’s [email protected]

You can also check out our full product, service and supply options.

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